For those of you who are interested in such things, some statistics for dreaded ned's explore gay australia for you to peruse, including:

To paraphrase a famous British politician (or was it Mark Twain originally?), there are "lies, dammed lies, and web statistics" so remember these statistics are not audited, and are gathered and reported by very unreliable software using very unreliable concepts of what is a request, what is a new visitor, etc. Even time and day are potentially confusing concepts as these are US times, and the transition from day to day may be at a different time than you experience locally!

This page was last updated in September 2002.

Page Requests and Visitors by Month

dreaded ned's explore gay australia was put online at the end of February, 1999. Listed below are the total number of page requests (not hits!) and the number of visitors (really unique IP address which is not the same thing!) till end of August, 2002:

      Pages   Visitors
  1999   189,904   32,213
  2000   646,317   73,188
  2001   1,026,331   109,736
  Jan-August 2002   1,017,116   106,016
  Total   2,879,668   321,153

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Requests by Page

The top ten pages (by number of requests) for August 2002 were:

  Page   Requests
  Personals GM-PER   24,030
  Home Page   6,310
  Personals Trans   3,392
  Personals GM-REL   2,477
  Calendar   1,819
  Personals GM-GRP   1,768
  Q&A   1,622
  Ecards   1,487
  Sydney Sex Venues   1,422
  Sydney Venues   1,368
  Sydney Escorts   1,131

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Requests by Domain

The top ten domains (by total number of requests) for August 2002 were:

  Domain   Requests
  .au (Australia)   157,182
  .net (Network)   58,571
  .com (Commercial/US)   41,618
  .uk (United Kingdom)   3,638
  .sg (Singapore)   3,382
  .ca (Canada)   3,148
.jp (Japan) .th (Thailand)   2,480
  .nz (New Zealand)   2,297
  .fr (France)   2,184
  .jp (Japan)   2,021

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