A number of policy decisions have been made concerning content, design, etc, in setting up dreaded ned's, including:

You may or may not agree with these decisions, so feel free to send me comments.

Why dreaded ned's?

I have enjoyed living in both Australia and Thailand, and have had some great times and experiences in the gay scene in both countries. Finding information on the gay scene in Thailand is not necessarily easy, and understanding or even coping with the scene there can be fun but exasperating for foreigners (and sometimes even for locals). The gay scene in Australia is somewhat better documented, but not with the dreaded ned's flavour!

I'm no expert (but that's never stopped me before), but as I happened to have some spare time and web space, I decided to try to contribute something to the scene via a web site - initially for Thailand and then for Australia. I hope the information will be of use to locals, gay visitors, and of course anyone else who is interested in gay life in Australia or Thailand.

A number of printed gay guides (of varying quality) have been published for both countries. Some provide very good information in a very positive way. My intention is not to copy or obsolete these guides, rather I think another opinion is always useful. Also being on the web, it is possible to provide news and event information and details on venue openings and closures - hopefully in a more timely fashion!

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What's included and what's not

Being a male, the site is fairly heavily oriented towards gay male rather than lesbian interests, but I try to include as much information as possible for as many people as possible. Where I fail, feel free to send me some comments or information and I will try to update the site.

As I am based in Sydney when I am in Australia, and have personal preferences for the types and locations of venues I like, and only so many friends and other sources to provide additional information, there are a lot of holes in the venue guides. Help me overcome my prejudices and expand my horizons - send me your favourite venue if it is not listed!

Having a bizarre mind, the humour, news and links are fairly eclectic and strange, but what the heck - you might learn something interesting!

The Australian venue guide includes commercial sex venues and sex on premises venues, and the Thai guide includes the go-go bars, host bars and other commercial sex venues because I see these as an established and popular part of the scene in their respective countries, both for locals and visitors. Information on beats and cruising areas has not been included because I feel that these can be fairly dangerous if you are not familiar with them, and if you are familiar with them, then you probably know where they are. Information on paedophilia, or where to find young boys (or girls) for sex has not been included because I don't have any information, and I don't want to promote such information.

The venue guide includes descriptions of each venue. One person's idea of a great venue on one visit may be another's idea of a terrible place on the same or another night. Personal opinions expressed here by myself or other contributors are just that - personal opinions. Judge the venues for yourself, and feel free to add your personal opinions via feedback, or you can always vote for your favourite venue in the Top Venues area.

I haven't included a gallery, because I think that there is substantial amounts of such information fairly readily available on the Internet already. There are also a number of very good sites about AIDS, local culture, history, tourist attractions, etc, so I don't see much point in writing this again. I have provided some links to some sites that I think are worth visiting for each country, and tried to concentrate instead on providing additional, gay oriented information.

As I said, you may or may not agree with my line of reasoning.

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Technical Issues

I have tried to keep the site accessible by most people and most popular web browsers, hence the HTML is fairly vanilla. There is nothing that requires the latest beta of a browser or a specific browser or plug-in to work, but I do use tables (sometimes excessively). Text based navigation links are provided as an alternative to the graphical navigation bar.

To keep download times as short as possible, and to save bandwidth, there are few graphics and no video or sound. Some of the pages are a bit long, and they possibly need to be split into separate documents, but I was trying to avoid forcing visitors to call up too many different pages.

The site was designed using the Comic Sans font, available free from Microsoft for all systems that support TrueType fonts. Downloading this font is not required to view the site, but the different font helps to overcome the rather vanilla nature of the site without too much additional overhead for each page.

I have tried to make the site easy to navigate, but ease of navigation is a difficult thing to get people to agree on.

The site is physically located on a server belonging to a web hosting provider in the USA. This server usually provides reliable and fast connections, but that sometimes depends on where you are connecting from, traffic on the network, etc.

I have not been 100% successful in keeping the site interesting but quick to view and easy find your way around in, and I would be interested in feedback and comments from you on the site design and your experience with accessing the site.

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Like most web sites, dreaded ned's is always under construction, however to the best of my knowledge all the links to pages within dreaded ned's lead to valid, formatted, ready to read pages with working links back to other pages (though some pages are waiting for more real content to be added) - there should be no "file not found" messages, blank or non-working pages.

Updates will be uploaded regularly, usually at least once a month - time and content permitting. Most often this will be done on a Sunday (local time).

Each page has a last updated date in the bottom left corner so you can always check if the page has been updated since your last visit. There is a "what's new" page ("new" in the navigation bar") which includes all significant changes, additions, deletions, etc. You might like to read this page first each time you come back to the site. Individual items in the most recent "what's new" listing are marked on their main page with:

Minor corrections or formatting changes are not included in the "what's new" page.

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Advertising and promotion

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and while dreaded ned's is free for you, I need to promote dreaded ned's and try to support myself in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed, and to recoup some of the costs involved in researching and maintaining the site. Hence dreaded ned's is a member of a number of web rings and link exchange services and also displays paid advertisements.

The advantages to you are that dreaded ned's remains a free resource for you to use and you get to learn about some (hopefully) interesting goods, services, venues and web sites. The downside is a few more graphics cluttering up the pages. To avoid this, you could of course send a large cash donation to me - bank account details available on request!!

I would be interested in feedback about how you feel about this.

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