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  The Australian media is well represented on the web. Try visiting:
red ball Advertiser - Adelaide daily newspaper
red ball The Age - Melbourne daily newspaper, but also one of the better newspapers in Oz. The web site includes all the daily news stories.
red ball The Australian - national daily newspaper, site has full text of most main news articles.
red ball Australian Broadcasting Corporation - government run TV and radio stations in all states. Check the latest news here.
red ball Australian Financial Review - national daily business newspaper, site provides good daily information on business, the economy and politics.
red ball Canberra Times - weekly newspaper covering events and political news from the national capital.
red ball The Courier-Mail - Brisbane daily newspaper.
red ball The Mercury - Hobart daily newspaper.
red ball Ninemsn - The Nine Network is a national TV broadcasting network. They also do the local franchise for Microsoft's MSN, which has daily news from the Nine network resources.
red ball Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney daily newspaper, but also one of the better Oz newspapers, web site also has lots of interesting info on things to do around Sydney and current events listings.

See also the Recommended Reading page for gay media listings.

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