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  Australia has a very rich and complex history and culture, and to understand it fully you need to look a bit beyond just the Sydney Opera House and Ayres Rock.

You can learn a lot about Australian history and the Australian people from any of the following sites:

red ball Archives of Australia - the official repository for Australian Government records.
red ball Aussie Beer - what would the image of Australia be without the beer, and how would most Aussie males survive, this site tells all!
red ball Australian Government Homepage - everything you always wanted to find out about the Australian government!
red ball Australian Politics Resource - an interesting place for detailed and (supposedly) unbiased information about politics in Australia.
red ball Frequently Asked Questions About Australia - from the archives of the soc.culture.australia newsgroup and other sources.
red ball Guide to Australia - maintained by Charles Sturt University, has links for most topics relating to history, government, the people, etc.
red ball Home of the Australian National Flag - information and history of the various flags used in Australia over the years.
red ball Information about Australia - a good starting point for learning a bit about the great south land, put up by the Australian National University.
red ball Telstra SpringBoard - a comprehensive index of all stuff relating to Australia, culture, government, business, etc, from Telstra - one of the national telecoms corporations.

And of course you can't miss soc.culture.australia if you like newsgroups with a bit of controversy sometimes or are just looking for some info. And for some laughs try aus.jokes!

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